Gary, Ray Welling (his father), Warren Fisher (his uncle), and Hank Ford (his friend) purchased The Colonial Manor Motel in 1993. Along with it came the restaurant, an integral part of the complex. Through the years it had always been leased out, and in 2009 we found ourselves in that situation again. Knowing that this is a "meat and potatoes" area, we were not finding what we were looking for. So, I suggested to Gary that we run it ourselves. Gary's response - "You've got to be kidding. We build houses. We don't run restaurants!" I said I wasn't kidding, and if you know Gary at all, the challenge was on.

     It took about three months of intense renovation, hiring a complete staff, obtaining all the permits, and getting together a complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. We did it, and opened on June 1, 2009!

     We are open seven days a week with an extensive menu from delicious breakfast omelettes, fantastic Friday fish, awesome prime rib and ahi tuna, to our famous ultimate burger which won the Best Burger Contest our first year of business.

     My main job here at Union Street Grille is "Greeter and Seater." When you come in to "The Grille" I want you to feel welcome, like you're entering my home. My other job is "Dessert Maker".  When I was young my Uncle Pete and Aunt Angie owned a bakery in Toledo. I fried donuts at the age of 12 (which is probably illegal nowadays!) and decorated cakes with my mom.

     She always said that it would come in handy one day! She was right - I can't begin to tell you how many cakes I've made since we opened. My most famous being carrot cake. My oldest seems to think I should market it nationwide. What do you think, Gary? Should this be our next endeavor?

     Seriously, we love seeing all our old friends and making new ones. So, why don't you drop by and see us. Gary will most likely be behind the bar serving up one of our many draft beers for someone (I think he's really found his niche) and I'll serve you up the very best piece of carrot cake you can imagine! You be the judge.

Hope to see you soon,

     Pam and Gary Welling